How to become the best medical assistant you can be

medical assistantDefinition

A Medical assistant (MA) is basically an allied health occupation different from a physician assistant and nurse but in most cases works under doctors or nurses mainly in ambulatory or outpatient care facilities, such as clinics and medical offices. S/he doesn’t also hold a license but instead certified to perform clinical /administrative tasks in support of the entire work of physicians and the rest of the health professionals.


Medical duties vary according to any state law, medical assistant normally perform a mix of clinical and administrative duties. It is a crucial career and component to the practice of clinical staff, but its roles can vary in breadth depending on the size of practice and the quantity of work a physician assistant, physicians, nurses choose to assign him/her.

Duties of a Medical Assistant in clinic and hospital

GroupOfMedicalAssistants1As a Medical assistant you don’t lack variety of duties. You handle a laundry list of both clinical and administrative tasks in physicians’ offices besides other health care and clinic facilities. Some of the administrative duties include;

  • Answering telephones and Greeting patients
  • filling and Updating g patient medical records
  • Using computer applications in filling and Coding out insurance forms
  • Scheduling the appointments and arranging for hospital laboratory and admissions services
  • Handling correspondence, bookkeeping and billing.
  • Taking medical histories and Explaining treatment procedures to patients
  • Preparing patients and Assisting the physician during examinations
  • preparing and collecting laboratory specimens
  • Instructing patients on the medication and special diets
  • Carrying out basic laboratory tests